Ropay Payment Partners

Do you want receive payments using MTN Momo, Vodafone Cash or AitelTigo Money? Then Ropay is your best bet.

Ropay also provides a means to collect monies using USSD Short codes (e.g *713*34#) fused into the mobile money platform.

We have also partnered with banks such as GCB, NIB and Zenith Bank. With Ropay, you can receive payments from any bank of your choice and receive alerts or notifications in real time.

Merchant Account

Once your merchant account has been created, you get the opportunity to monitor transactions in real time using your merchant portal.

You can also get an instant payment alert using our telegram integration. These alerts on your phone create a beautiful user experience.

Third Party Services

Do you have a third party software which will consume the payment transactions from Ropay? Just provide your callback URL and we'll get you sorted out.

You could also use our mobile app and web platforms to make payments.

Point of Sale

You have the option to use our Point of Sale (POS) to receive monies from your clients.

For example, an educational insitution could use our POS to collect school fees, sell vouchers or make other payments.


Ropay has a package for developers who would want to integrate directly into the platform in order to receive monies from their customers using the mobile money system.

Just click on the button below to request for it.


Our charges are quite flexible and moderate. These prices are negotiable, depending on your cooperate needs.

Service Charge on Amount
Recieve monies via MTN MOMO 2.0%
Recieve monies via Vodafone Cash 2.5%
Recieve monies via AirtelTigo Cash 2.0%